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The Redmond Willoughby Foundation

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About the Foundation

The Redmond Willoughby Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides service to independent-living seniors; and mentoring and enrichment programs for at-risk youths in Eastern North Carolina.  The services and programs offered through the Foundation fosters an allegiance to both groups in rural areas.  

The geographical region of Eastern North Carolina is home to a large sector of both seniors and youth who have grown up and remained in the area; however, unfortunately many are faced with economic hardship and poverty. The programs of the Foundation is to aid and assist those who are in emergency crisis situations.  

The Foundation makes no claim, nor embraces the belief that we will change all factors that plague the senior and youth populations; however, our programs are there to "Make the Difference" in the lives of both groups through the wealth of knowledge and resource we have available in our great nation; where, when used constructively, the lives of those who have fallen through "the gap" are made better.

The Redmond Willoughby Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to "Making the Difference" in the lives of the senior population and to "Keeping the Mind Motivated" with our youth population.  Our mission is to use our resources to aid and assist those who are in crisis and/or at-risk.