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The Robert & Mattoria Daniels' 
   After-School Tutoring Program

It is our belief that with the proper support and instructions that focuses on the individual needs of at-risk students, all students can master academic standards when they are properly guided and when they are provided the opportunity to utilize extended learning time outside the regular classroom. 

Our after-school tutoring program currently focus on the academic needs of at-risk students ages 8 - 13 years old in Wilson County, North Carolina.  Students attending our program are given the opportunity to complete assignments and to utilize the help of certified instructors in a fun, enjoyable, and secure environment.  The program provides each student with instructional time in small  group settings that focus on general subject areas such as math, reading, and science.  Additionally, instructional time includes preparation for EOG testing. 

Enrollment is currently limited to ensure that each student receives, and achieves, maximum academic success from the program. 

To check on the availability of and/or criteria for enrollment, email us at: